I have tried to cover some of the common questions here but please contact me vie email or call me on 07841 262962 if you have any other questions

How many photographs will you take over the course of our wedding day?

I would expect to take somewhere in excess of 1000 photographs during the day. The amount taken will depend on the amount of locations that I shoot at and the amount of time allocated to taking pictures.


How many photographs can we expect to see?

I would normally expect to deliver 300-400 edited images. Some of the pictures I shoot will not make the final selection due to other pictures being of a better quality.


Do you edit the photographs taken?

Every picture will be edited by me personally. I shoot raw digital files which means I am able to colour correct the photograph with regard to balance, tone, and brightness – all of which will enhance the quality of the final print.


Will we get black and white photographs?

I shoot in full colour but because the files are digital it is possible for any of your pictures to be converted to black and white from the colour original. Some pictures work better in black and white than colour and I normally include a selection of these in your final set of images.

How will we receive our pictures?

I will supply all images on a disc or USB stick in a high-quality digital format at full resolution which is ideal for prints and canvases. I will also supply lower resolution images that you are able to share on social media sites such as facebook. To make sharing your images as easy as possible I will also supply a link to an online gallery where you and your guests will be able to download images.

Do you cover formal group shots?

There are many wedding photographers who now refuse to shoot group shots, only shooting “reportage” you will be pleased to know that I am not one of them! I think a few posed group pictures are an important part of the day. It helps to have a list of the shots you would like and pre-warn people that they will be required for the photos. It is very helpful to have someone designated as a ‘Photo Monitor’ to help gather the guests together when required.

Will you require a meal?

It is a long day for me and of course I need to be fed and watered but I do prefer to bring my own nourishment.

What cameras do you shoot with?

I shoot with Nikon professional cameras and lenses.

What if you are ill?

It would be wrong to say I am never ill but I do my best to stay healthy and fit. To be honest I would have to be admitted to hospital for me not to turn up to your wedding!!!

Are you insured?

Yes, absolutely, I have both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. 

Will we need to sign a contract?

I do have a contract which both parties sign. It is important that both you and I understand fully our roles and responsibilities.

Will our guests be able to take photographs of our wedding?

Your wedding is an exciting day for friends and family, who I am sure will have a camera with them on which they would love to capture some memories. I am happy with people taking photos so long as they do not impede me in getting the professional photographs you are paying me to capture.

Who owns the copyright of the photographs?

Under UK law, specifically the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, it is the photographer who will own copyright on any photos he/she has taken. As part of my services you will be given full rights to print and share as many photographs as you wish. I normally use a few select images from every shoot for social media and my blog. I do offer an opt out clause, which we can discuss at your consultation.